The 3rd week in July

First, let me say welcome.   We have lots of ideas on what this website will be, but as everyone knows what something starts out to be and what it ends up being are not always the same thing.  So let’s start at the beginning, let it run and see where we end up.

Since this is the first entry on our road to becoming something.  Let’s start at the most important function of the comic universe.  The all mighty Comic Con.  Four days of everything important to the comic and related popular art forms world.  Comic Con is a non-profit educational corporation.  At first glance, that is hard to believe.  Comic Con looks and acts like a very profitable money making machine.  The tickets are not inexpensive and are a highly sought after commodity.  Getting tickets seems pretty straight forward and simple.  Get a member ID, register and wait to be notified by email.  Easy enough.  What they don’t tell you is that from this point on everything is luck of the draw.  Everyone with an member ID gets the same email.  It gives you a date and time that ticket sales will start.  About an hour before ticket sales start they send out the link.  When time comes you click on the link and hope you get into the waiting room.  Chances of getting in the waiting room are not good.  Let’s look at this year’s sale.

9:00 am PST                             Website opens

9:10 am PST                             Waiting room full

9:50 am PST                             4 day badge with preview sold out

9:53 am PST                             4 day badge no preview sold out

10:01 am PST                           Saturday badges sold out

10:12 am PST                           Friday badges sold out

10:35 am PST                           Badge registration closed

Let’s look at this mathematically.  Let’s say there are 130,000 tickets a day available.  Of that number a certain amount will be held for returning attendees, press, exhibitors, professionals etc.  Just for speculation let’s say 50% (65,000) are held, 25% (32,500) are 4 day badges, and 25% (32,500) are single day badges.   So in this example there would be 162,500 badges for sale.  Those badges sold out in 95 minutes.  Just thinking about that is staggering.  That works out to about 1710 badges a minute or about 28 a second.  That seems like a lot but when you realize that people from all over the world come to Comic Con that really isn’t that much.  But it does highlight how hard it is to get them and how well the system really does work to handle that onslaught.

Tens of thousands got their badges and as many if not more didn’t.  No system is perfect and this one is not without problems.  Could it be better yes, it had lots of problems with blank screens, server issues, and the refresh glitch.  But all in all, it works fairly well.  Those lucky enough to get badges are ecstatic, those who didn’t not so much.  Never fear though, there is another chance to get tickets about a month before Comic Con.  All the returned, cancelled or not paid for badges are put up for sale.  This year’s resale was done by drawing.  Back to luck of the draw.  Those who were chosen were allowed to buy 2 tickets.   Again you needed to be lucky enough to get in early, as they only had 3100 Saturday badges and no 4 day badges.  That seemed to go off well as there didn’t seem to be any server errors or blank screens.  All is not lost if you didn’t get badges and you still want to go, there is plenty to do outside of the convention center.  So fear not you may still partake of the awesomeness that is Comic Con.

Next what to do once you have that email with your barcodes.


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