The 3rd week in July cont.

Once you have planned out when you are going to queue up for Hall H and which panels you must see.  The time you have left over can be spent in the exhibition hall.  If you want to see the whole thing, be prepared to spend hours.  If you are they type of person who wants to see every booth it could be days.  There are lots of exclusives available from many of the exhibitors.  Some are limited and some are not, so that may be something to take into account when planning when to go to the exhibition hall. You may have to choose between that most awesome panel and that most awesome exclusive or even that signature you just have to have.  The Comic Con website releases a list of all the exclusives alphabetically by exhibitor about a week or so before the event.  It can take hours to go thru what they have posted and decide what you must have, what you want to see before you decide if you must have it and what just isn’t that interesting.  You may very well spend more time planning than you will actually spend at the convention.

Not all of the most popular people are in the Hall H panels.  Some of them are at the different booths in the exhibition hall.  These special signings require a ticket to be allowed in line.  Each booth has its own requirements for getting a ticket and the tickets are limited.  So if you must get that certain signature, find out when and where that person will be and get your ticket early.  Be prepared for crowds, the more popular something is the more people will be in that area.  Also realize that when special events are going on at the booths, the shopping portion of the booth is usually closed.  The more popular booths also tend to sell out of items and have to wait for more stock to be brought in, so visiting the same booth more than once is not unusual.

The exhibition hall is also where you will see most of the cosplay.  Some of them are simply amazing, some not so much.  Every genre is represented.  There are costumes that are exact down to the last detail.  There are some costumes that are a bit confused or they took extensive creative license.  Then there are the costumes of people who just love cosplay but don’t have the time or money to make the costume an exact replica.  While the high dollar costumes are exceptional and very enjoyable to look at, the people who cosplay for the love of cosplay regardless of the amount of money they have to spend on their costume make the biggest impression.  There are some who enjoy cosplay so much they will take multiple costumes for each day.  You can tell the ones that just love it.  They have such a good time with it and are fun to watch.  There will probably be official network costumed actors at the convention advertising a new series that will be airing.  Those costumes are amazing.  It is pretty easy to tell the official network costumed actors they have a handler with them.

Next up everything else.


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