Batman/Man of Steel


As announced at Comic Con, there will be a Batman/Superman movie due out summer 2015.  When they announced it, we knew that Henry Cavill would play Superman.  We thought Christian Bale would play Batman.  If you had paid attention to all the Easter Eggs thrown into Man of Steel by director Zack Snyder,  you would have a pretty good idea that the Caped Crusader would appear in the next Superman movie.  The biggest clue was the Wayne Enterprises logo on the side of the satellite.  There was also a “Keep Calm and call Batman” poster when General Zod was destroying a building with his heat vision.  So the announcement was not unexpected.  What they didn’t announce at Comic Con was  that Christian Bale was going to play Batman and what the name of the movie would be.

Before we get into the Man of Steel sequel, let’s talk about Man of Steel  for a moment.  Man of Steel was unlike any other Superman movie.  The fact that it wasn’t called Superman is kind of telling.  It is not the typical feel good type of Superman we are use too.  This Superman was much darker, much more violent.  This Superman isn’t really worried about the consequences of his actions.  In his mind why should he be, this world doesn’t appreciate him.  This Superman walks a fine line between hero and villain.  A villain in the sense that he is driven by demons more than by morals.  General Zod on the other hand, is the villain but in this movie he is not the evil monger that we have learned to despise.  He is a soldier that is driven by his desire to save his race.  His reasons are valid and somewhat noble.  The way he goes about it pushes him into being the villain, maybe a better way to look at him is as the antihero.  Lois is a cross between Scully and Fox from the X-files, come to think of it the whole Kryptonian mother ship conspiracy sounds just like an episode of X-files.   The relationship between Lois and Clark/Man of Steel is nonexistent.  Is that important, I am not sure, but it is one less reason for the Man of Steel to care about  the outcome.  Then there is the 40 minutes of death and destruction leveled by General Zod and the Man of Steel.   Did no one notice how much of the city was leveled? How many people were killed as General Zod and the Man of Steel leveled building after building?  I can understand General Zod not giving a second thought about thousands of people dying after all he is trying to rebuild Krypton, humans are just in the way.  The Man of Steel on the other hand, is suppose to care what happens to the people of Earth.  It is hard to believe he does with this much destruction going on.  Then to top it all off, with the government looking for him, Clark shows up at the Daily Planet, becomes a reporter (not sure how he pulled that one off), pretends to not know Lois and things are just fine. The government can’t figure out that Clark is who they are looking for and everyone lives happily ever after.  Until the sequel that is.  This was a different Superman movie.  It seems people either loved it or hated it.  Personally, it had its moments both good and bad.  What it did do was make a lot of money and in the world of movies that is all that really matters.


Now back to the addition of Batman into this mix.  When they announced that there would be a Batman/Man of Steel movie what we thought we knew about who would play Batman turned out to be what we didn’t know about who would be Batman.   We know now, it I will be Ben Affleck.  When this was announced Social Media went wild.  Warner Bros choice for Batman was not a popular one.  So unpopular that 76% of the tweets during the first hour were negative.   There are petitions, with 1000’s of signatures, being circulated asking Warner Bros to reverse that decision.  Why was this such an unpopular decision?  Maybe because Ben Affleck’s  previous foray into the super hero genre was an abysmal failure.  Ben Affleck was Daredevil.  Daredevil was one of Affleck’s  not so successful moments, the acting didn’t work, the relationships didn’t work, it just missed the mark on a lot of planes.  It is a tossup whether Daredevil or Gigli was worse.  What Daredevil was, was dark and gritty, so maybe that is why they picked him.  Based on what we have seen from Man of Steel, the Batman/Man of Steel sequel will follow in that dark and gritty vein.   Affleck will be older than the other actors that have played Batman and older than the Man of Steel, does that hurt the character?  As Bruce Wayne that may be a plus and make him a more believable playboy millionaire.  The difference between an older wiser Batman and a younger relatively inexperienced Man of Steel may make for a better story line. As Batman, well that might be a different issue, humans don’t get faster and stronger as they get older.  The exception to that would be if he was using  the performance enhancing drugs that have plagued professional sports.  I would hate to think they are going to go down the PED road with Batman.  Maybe it will just be labeled as new technology, after all Wayne Enterprises seems to be able to invent whatever Batman needs.  One thing is certain, Affleck is going to have to get a trainer and seriously buff up, it can be done, look at what Hugh Jackman did for Wolverine.  He can act, we saw that in Argo.   So for now we can agree or not agree with Warner Bros decision, only the people in the room where the decision was made know the reasons behind choosing Affleck.  The only thing left is to wait and see what happens.  Ben Affleck may be the best Batman or the worst Batman, it will be in his hands which one he becomes.  It will be interesting to see where it goes.  Superman has started the transformation from Superman to Man of Steel.  Maybe Batman has a similar fate in his future.


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